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Vonny, London

Lily, Taiwan

"I’ve received several breathwork sessions from Ru over the past month, and they have been among the most deeply transformational I’ve ever experienced. I’ve done breathwork for years and worked with several breathwork practitioners and Ru stands out as profoundly skilled. With Ru, I felt safe during the entire process so that I was able to release levels I previously had not been able to access. It didn’t feel like work; it felt like freedom. After our sessions, I experienced clarity for next steps to change my life in ways I had been trying to manifest for years. Along with a deep sense of wellbeing, I've also been sleeping better. I feel extremely fortunate to have found Ru. Her compassion and gentle holding of the session allows the kind of healing I have needed for a long time but couldn’t get there. Synchronicities led me to her, and I feel truly blessed to have found her. I look forward to many more sessions with this extraordinary healer."

Rose, PA

"I had an amazing breathwork session with Ru! Through our session, I was able to access emotions related to certain childhood traumas, and allow them to be processed somatically through my body and breath. Ru held a very safe and supportive space for me to process - where I was able to scream, cry, and move my body in ways that helped me to circulate the emotions and move stuck energy through my body. In the past, I have tried talk therapy to heal through my traumas, but breathwork really helped me to process it on a deeper somatic and visceral level. And I noticed coming out of the session, I felt much more present and anchored in my body. Ru also accompanied the session with her beautiful and meditative tongue drum playing, which created a sacred ambiance for me to journey inward. This was my first breathwork experience, and I feel grateful to have connected with Ru, to introduce me to this powerful healing work. I highly recommend Ru, for anybody who is interested in breathwork!"

Michael, Taos, NM

"I had the honor and pleasure to work with Ru as she facilitated a breathwork ceremony for my retreat. Her gifts of singing, drumming and guidance during the breathwork is other worldly. Its an experience and practice not to be missed. I highly recommend her and her service🙏"

Shan, Taos, NM


"Ru guided me through an incredible experience, which I did not know my body was capable of. She made me feel safe and gave me space to navigate what I was feeling physically, mentally and emotionally. 10/10 recommend breathwork with Ru!"

Robyn, Taos, NM

"I had a phenomenal session with Ru at her studio! Her integrity, professionalism, and insightful guidance were just right. She had a nice way of facilitating as needed while allowing space for my release process to unfold. I left feeling uplifted and clear."

Aura, Taos, NM

"Ru is a wonderful breathwork practitioner. She is completely present during each session. She is an intuitive and knowledgeable guide. She holds a safe place so that her clients can go wherever their breath leads them, knowing Ru is right there with you the whole time. After the breathwork part of the session, she demonstrates her generous heart by staying present with you while you process the session. I highly recommend her!

Cynthia, Taos, NM

"I've been doing breathwork with Ru in person for a few years now, and most recently online since we don't live in the same state anymore. My first thought once we finished our last virtual session was 'thank God I'm in the comfort of my own home because I am not in my body right now.' Over the years I've had the pleasure of witnessing her technique grow and in turn, been able to go deeper and deeper into my own healing experience. Ru expertly guides your breathing, which can feel difficult at first, into a very powerful and rhythmic flow. The combination of her intuitive guidance, her magical singing, and ethereal drum will completely transport you into another dimension (without psychedelics)! I've experienced deep releases in a loving, safe space with her. For anyone looking to try shamanic journeying, you don't need anything more than your breath and Ru!"

Niki, Queens, NYC

"If you are reading this, you must be considering doing some Breathwork with Ru. Do it! I don't say this lightly, nor do I often recommend this sort of thing, though, 'give it a try.' I did and it moved me far along on my journey of healing and growth. I have explored quite a few healing modalities over the years, with the aim of tapping into and releasing old trauma. Some have been okay, some not so helpful; my sessions with Ru were powerful. Ru explained the process, helped me to clarify my session intentions, and then guided me into a rhythm of powerful cycles of inhale and exhale. Amazingly, after just a few minutes, I entered into a less self-conscious and more vulnerable state of consciousness. This is when Ru's masterful facilitation skill was most helpful. The rhythm of her beautiful tongue drumming, her powerfully lovely singing voice and her sensitive, intuitive and expert encouragement made me feel both safe and supported. I feel younger and more joyful after each session and I plan to do more. Thank you Ru, you are really a special healer!"

Brian, Taos, NM

"Upon meeting Ru for a guided breathwork session, I could sense that she was comfortable with the deep waters of self, trauma, and the more subtle terrain of life and Spirit. It was apparent that she herself had walked the path to become a trustworthy guide. Ru was at ease and stable as I journeyed and deepened into the process. Her verbal instruction, timing, and intuition were spot on making me feel safe and held to go even deeper. I can honestly say the session was revelatory and ground-breaking making me a believer in breathwork as a potent modality for healing and self awareness. I highly recommend Ru as a trustworthy guide for deep journeywork into the mystery of healing and remembering."​

Jonah, Taos, NM

"I wish I had discovered Ru's breathwork years ago! I've been getting body work for decades but after only one session with Ru, I was able to stand up straight and breathe easily for the first time in my life!"

Dave, Taos, NM

"Ru is a gifted and intuitive healer; she is gentle and has a very grounding presence. She holds a warm, inviting, nonjudgmental space in which deep, profound healing can occur. I felt that she was present and committed to my experience with her heart. As she guided me, she played her tongue drum. It was such a beautiful and harmonious addition to the practice. If you have an opportunity to be guided through breathwork with Ru, I highly recommend that you take it! I can't recommend her enough."​

Nora, Albuqueque, NM

"Ru is a skilled breathwork practitioner who I would highly recommend to anyone who is wanting to look inward and on a path of self growth. Ru is able to sense your needs throughout the session and provide guidance, sound and music, to yield a powerful energetic journey. I look forward to what I am able to unlock and move through with continued breathwork experiences facilitated by Ru."​

Meredith, Taos, NM

"Breathwork with Ru created a safe container for me to really drop into a deeper place and go further each time. Ru's coaching, guidance, and encouragement throughout the breathwork practice helped me stay engaged and at the same time, let go. Perhaps the most unique and special element of working with Ru is that she accompanies the sessions with her Rav Drum - both following and leading us as we progress through the session. Have a guide and musician in a single entity changes everything and has always been transformative for me. Ru's breathwork sessions are amazing!"

Michael, Montauk, NY

"I am so grateful for my session with Ru. I have been curious about breathwork for awhile but was waiting for the right, safe container to try it for the first time. Ru helped me feel comfortable and supported from beginning to end, while simultaneously giving me enough space to have my own experience. She also helped me integrate afterwards - an important step which is often overlooked. When you find a kind, genuine soul who also knows their craft, keep them close! I highly recommend Ru."

Liv, Big Island, HI

"Ru's unassuming, yet powerful presence was integral to the profound effects I received from my first ever sound breathwork circle. Without speaking too much for the other women in the circle, I can safely say that the experience solidified a bond of sisterhood between us all. Though we each had our individual journeys, we were all able to share in the vibe that Ru set. She gave just the right amount of prompting to set the tone and provide a safe space for us to enter together. From the soft pangs of her drum, to the chuckles of her healing wood chimes, Ru set the stage for a much needed energy shift. In my own personal experience, I was able to release some feelings of grief by acknowledging the support and love of those around me. I felt that the breathwork dusted off this lingering energy that had been waiting to resurface and sift away. I came away from this session with so much gratitude."

Leanne, Big Island, HI

"Ru’s breathwork is one of the most powerful and cathartic workshops I’ve ever attended. I have so much gratitude for her ability to hold space in such a compassionate way. Her presence allowed me to feel safe enough to explore my emotions and release old energies stuck in my body. Ru’s workshop helped me feel much lighter and more clear. I felt energized and refreshed. Ru’s power in her guidance combined with her incredible sound healing creates a beautiful space to truly heal. Her heart-opening drum radiates throughout the room and allows a sense of surrender. I would recommend her workshop to anyone on the journey of self-healing, as it is truly a magical experience."

Sasha, Big Island, HI

"Ru's breathwork was very transformational. I was able to let go of past traumas that were stored up in my body and mind. She leads you through a healing journey within that personally I will never forget. I am so beyond grateful for Ru and the space she has held for me.

Hannah, Big Island, HI

"I have done four guided sessions with Ru so far and each one has led to deep and profound physical, emotional and psychological releases. She expertly guides with her voice and drum, staying right with you, as you travel deep within and also journey far. I have loved working with Ru and so far have referred a handful of family and friends to her so they too can experience the magic. Ru is a gifted, grounded and clear breath work guide."

Annalisa, Manhattan, NY

"My breathwork session with Ru was such a beautiful experience - truly profound and transformative. Working with her I was able to reach a deep state of relaxation that opened me up and naturally guided me to reach deeper, and see more clearly things that were happening in my life. I felt fully supported throughout the entire session - her calm and steady voice and the sweet sound of her tongue drum taking me to new levels of awareness and connection. I left feeling a deep sense of peace, strength and an open heart. So thankful for this experience!"

Zoe, Manhattan, NY

"When a friend told me about Ru and the breath work she does, I had no idea what to expect -- and to be honest, I didn’t expect much more than a relaxing hour of deep breathing and meditation. Boy, did I underestimate the power of Ru’s work! Guiding me gently yet firmly, she helped me to enter a deep state of peace and clarity. I was able to gain perspective I never dreamed would be possible through breathing alone. I’m grateful to Ru and quite in awe of what she does."

Annie, Manhattan, NY

"I have been guided by Ru both in group and one-on-one breathwork sessions. She always holds a clear, open, and focused space for me to connect to my center, not only through the breath, but also through a growing emotional awareness. The beautiful sound of the tongue drum she plays while guiding her clients makes for a kind of breathwork experience unlike any I’ve ever had elsewhere. Breathwork can always be as rigorous as it is transporting, so I’m grateful to Ru for her steady and open-hearted guidance, as I sometimes struggle to surrender to the vulnerabilities within that there are for me to acknowledge and accept. It’s so cool how healing this work can be! The act of breathing into and releasing areas of stuck energy in the body has for me been surprisingly cathartic. I highly recommend having sessions with Ru – she is a terrific guide."

David, Brooklyn, NY

"My first and only guided in-person breathwork session was with Ru. Ru's guidance and care allowed me to go deep, while also providing me with a safe place to be vulnerable. I learned to let go and trust the process with Ru, and am now armed with tools to continue my journey."

Zana, Manhattan, NY

"I was gifted a Breathwork session with Ru for my birthday, my first ever. I didn’t know what to expect, but I did not know that I would be in for such a profound and deeply spiritual and personal experience. She guided me gracefully and expertly and held space for deep release of emotions and an experience of cleansing that left my body feeling like I had taken a sauna which lasted for days! I will be recommending her to everyone and scheduling frequent sessions with her."

Catherine, Philadelphia, PA

"Life is already a lot to manage and finding what works for you isn't easy. When Covid-19 hit, mixed with the rising tensions in the social climate of the US, it was a tough time for me. The session seemed to be more stimulating than regular meditation. After taking one session with her, I was immediately impacted. The first thing I did was thank her and began sending her info to friends and family in need of healing. I now call on Ru's practices when my heart, mind, and spirit are heavy. I always leave feeling whole"

Isaiah, Brooklyn, NY

"I went into my first breathwork session with Ru not sure what I was getting into. The session had been given to me as a gift by a family member who had experience working with Ru, but as someone new to the practice I felt a bit nervous. Ru immediately made me feel comfortable, and I am glad I trusted that, as the experience was amazing. With Ru's guidance, the session, the music and breath coaching, and the processing afterwards, left me feeling like I'd shed some layers of stress and deeply-rooted anxieties. It's something I would like to do again."

Rachel, Manhattan, NY

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