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My Story

Since I was a child, I've always wanted to belong. My parents immigrated from Taiwan in their 20s and growing up in the suburbs of New Jersey I struggled with belonging. I wanted more than anything to fit in with my cohort but because I looked different than everyone else, I had difficulties embracing who I was and I certainly did not want to stand out. A part of me was embarrassed and ashamed for being Asian and I would fantasize about being White so I assimilated the best I could. This was an internal conflict I had well into my 20s along with anxiety, depression, low self esteem, body dysmorphia and eating disorder. Growing up in a traditional Chinese culture of achieving and doing, there was never any slowing down or taking a pause. It felt like I had been placed on a high speed conveyer belt that couldn't stop. After graduating with a psychology degree with a minor in public health, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do so I pursued an MBA and MPH. This led me to moving into New York City with my first job at a pharmaceutical advertising agency. Fast forward ten years later, I felt soul-less and unfulfilled trying to compete with myself and everyone else in the rat race of working in the corporate world.

In 2019, I went back to Taiwan with my parents for the first time in seven years and there was a healing that happened when I was on the land. It was a homecoming going back to my roots, being in a land where I looked like everyone else. After that visit, a slew of synchronicities started happening such as experiencing reiki for the first time, going back to my meditation practice, fasting / cleansing my body, drinking plant medicine, and, ultimately, leaving my corporate job! I began working with the plant medicine, ayahuasca, as an assistant drinking the medicine, playing music, singing icaros, and holding space, and through this, I developed community. I met a friend in the community who had an extra ticket to Dan Brule's all day breathwork workshop and was blown away by the experience. I started incorporating breathwork more into my life and was astounded by how much I was releasing that I decided that I wanted to help others with it. Breathwork has been a transformational and powerful tool in helping me find that connection to myself and coming back to wholeness and I am delighted and honored to be part of your journey in coming home to yourself. 

Ru has trained with David Elliott Levels 1-5 and most recently a 6 month trauma informed breathwork facilitator training program with Pause (200 hours). She resides in the beautiful high desert mountains of Taos. 

asian woman breathwork facilitator
Ru playing the Rav

Ru playing the Rav

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We are all here to live our truest nature, to experience ultimate freedom, and to embody the lightness of being. 

Dolhareubang with Sunset

My Mission

My mission is to guide and support you to embody your full potential, to live in balance, and to help you restore wholeness to your body, mind, and spirit.

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